Best Garage Door Repair of Southern California

At Best Garage Door Repair we have performed premium quality services in Orange County, CA and surrounding areas since 2008. Our services include:

Residential Garage Door Services

Residential Garage Door Repair

Your garage door contains many moving parts and receives a large amount of use especially if you have a large family. Most homeowners take their garage doors for granted and often forget or are too busy to think about maintenance. If your garage door is not regularly maintained some of the problems requiring repairs you may expect to see are broken springs, broken remote control, broken cables or rollers, bent tracks or a door that has come off its track. At Best Garage Door Repair our technicians are fully trained to service all makes and models to get your garage door up and running quickly.

Residential Garage Door Installation

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home, a new garage door will add instant curb appeal as well as enhance the safety and security of your home. A new garage door can also increase energy efficiency in both summer and winter. Our trained staff members are available to help you find the perfect door to embody your personal taste and style. At Best Garage Door Repair our technicians are proficient at installing all makes and models of residential garage doors. We offer the highest quality products and services at guaranteed prices.

Residential Garage Door Openers

At Best Garage Door Repair we install a wide variety of top of the line garage door openers. These garage door openers have a wide selection of features such as remote control transmitters, receivers, keyless openers and circuit boards. Our highly skilled customer service representatives are available to help you select the best garage door opener for your needs. Garage Door openers are offered with four main drive functions including belt drive, chair drive, screw drive and jackshaft wall-mount. Other available options include horsepower, door speed, door height, maximum lifting force, available warranties and quietness of operation.

Commercial Garage Door Services

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial overhead garage doors are similar to residential garage doors, with the exception of the amount of wear and tear placed upon them. Roll up doors include service doors, counter doors, fire doors and rolling grilles. Our technicians are available to access your current door and offer upgrades such as switching to double end hinges and long-stem rollers or upgrading torsion springs using a solid shaft as opposed to a hollow shaft. At Best Garage Door Repair we repair all makes and models of commercial garage doors quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

The type of business, size of the building and your particular business requirements should all be taken into consideration when determining the type of overhead doors you select for your work environment. Some of the key elements to consider when selecting a commercial overhead door include: use of the doors, building insulation, height requirements, fire code specifications, and aesthetics. Our customer service technicians are on hand to help you with your selections and can provide product descriptions for every make and model. At Best Garage Door Repair we install all makes and models of commercial garage doors.

Commercial Garage Door Opener

Commercial garage door openers are usually opened and closed multiple times a day. Due to very strict OSHA requirements opening and closing the door must be set to very rigid safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of your employees. Commercial garage door openers are made from high quality materials. At Best Garage Door Repair we can install all makes and models of commercial garage door openers as well as repair or replace broken parts.